Burlacher Bought his DREAM CAR! And I did the First Donuts...

17 mar. 2021
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@Burlacher has just bought his dream car, a Dodge Viper, and we're taking out the manual V10 beast for a drive! Even though @TheStradman is leaving us for the day, the antics won't stop, and it turns out I'm the first person to do donuts with it...
As James is off to flight school, it's all Nick and I being very American this time around with a garage tour including his GT350, Raptor and the new Viper, before going out on the roads in the latter. Having only briefly before driven a Viper once of any description and not on video, it's my first real experience of the car and what it's all about.
After collecting the bright yellow supercar of its day, he's also just added the blue stripes for a very bold colour combo, but this monster is all about the 8.0l naturally aspirated V10 engine and the driving feel with the manual gearbox and Borla exhaust, and what a cool thing it is too!
Burlacher is making some great videos at the moment, be sure to check out his channel:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:59 Walkaround
03:24 Viper Tour
07:08 Garage Shuffle
09:42 Onboard
13:24 My Drive
17:15 Donuts
19:03 Wrap Up
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  • I couldn't be with Stradman and Burlacher in Utah, and not check out Nick's dream car that he's just bought, an incredible Viper with Borla exhaust! However, that quickly descends into donuts... roworld.info

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    • @Shmee150 what most people don't realize is the V10 in the Viper was developed during the brief time period that Chrysler owned Lamborgini

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  • Well your off

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