Chasing DOUBLE McLaren P1s in a 900hp Ryft 720S!

8 ian. 2021
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I was not expecting a pair of McLaren P1s to come to the Supercars Majlis drive! I'm at the wheel of @bu_mayood's insane 900hp Ryft McLaren 720S while we get on the roads for a drive to the desert in Dubai.
The McLaren 720S from @bu_mayood is no ordinary 720S, with a Ryft carbon fibre body kit including splitter, canards, skirts and rear spoiler. It's also currently fitted with an FI Exhaust that makes the most monstrous shift bangs with accompanying fireballs while the 4.0l twin turbo V8 makes a moderately insane 900hp.
After kicking off from Bentley Emirates and collecting a new facelift Bentayga, we're heading to the Emarat fuel station to group of with the other members of Supercars Majlis. Meeting with an amazing line-up including two Ferrari 488s, two Porsche Turbo S and more, before we're then joined by a fabulous pair of McLaren P1s as well! Not only that, but coincidentally one of the only Shelby GT500s in the UAE at Auto Land Motors heads on by making quite the V8 noise. We're then on the road with around 20 cars for a drive into the desert, and what a drive it is!
Special thanks to the team from Supercars Majlis for the amazing convoy drive, and to my friend @bu_mayood for letting me take the wheel of his crazy McLaren 720S!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:45 Ryft 720S
02:10 First Drive
05:03 The Group
07:29 Convoy
13:22 Arrival
15:32 Conclusion
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  • Now that's a convoy! I'm at the wheel of the 900hp 720S with @supercars_majlis for a drive with not one, but two McLaren P1s. Awesome!

    Shmee150Shmee150Acum lună
    • 2 in a half more horsepower 🏇😂😂

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    • Cool

      Jacob ValenciaJacob ValenciaAcum lună
    • Hi, please take note from stradman best content. Unlike this channel is now a walking talking advert

      A WasA WasAcum lună
    • Hey 👋 shmee would you met mo vlogs?

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    • It would be really cool to have a P1 in you garage Tim with the senna

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  • dwl@2 and a half more horsepower just joined the crew

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  • wtf tim, a hat? Love it doe )

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  • Let’s just say that shmee has the best accent

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  • I hate his f***king intro. change that sh**

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  • P1 rules!

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  • 15:00 I feel bad for that guy 😂

    Ashwin SurajAshwin SurajAcum lună
  • TIM A Amazing day to have with all those super cars

    James PughJames PughAcum lună
  • am i the only one who doesnt like all the pops and bangs? change and the car sounds like a backfiring banger. fair enough when its in reason or to keep boost pressure but just for noise? come on

  • Shmee150 in a hat :D what is going on here? :D

    Michał 95Michał 95Acum lună
  • 3 years later: little did he know he woulld have a mclaren 765 lt...

    Sadid KhalequeSadid KhalequeAcum lună
  • That purle turbo s tho ! Wow

    Nic DesNic DesAcum lună
  • Sir, I have a genuine fizz watching your videos. Wow

    woodcock696969woodcock696969Acum lună
  • I- Is that a evo x?! 2:24

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  • gt 500 dumb not cool

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  • You chose the right colour Shmee 😍

  • All them cars and still drives like a grandad

    BounCeODTBounCeODTAcum lună
  • This looks like such an incredible evening. Bucket list stuff driving the streets of Dubai at night with race cars.

    A.J. W.A.J. W.Acum lună
  • So the license cost more the the McLaren, Way more! 3digit license plate in Dubai = more then a mil

    KelricKelricAcum lună
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    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy RobbinsAcum lună
  • McLaren taillights are beautiful....lambo taillights suck and I love lambos so its sad to say.

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  • A McLaren P1 with the license plate number 1701, awesome

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  • shmee's 720s looked better than the p1's 😗

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  • #Shmee150Shquad

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  • If all mclarens sounded like that and made that much hp, there would be no more ferarri or lambos on the road!!!!!!

    CreekerCreekerAcum lună
  • Shmee: Could you let me talk? AMG GT-R: no, I don’t think I will.

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  • These crazy scenes, ONLY IN DUBAI🔥

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  • Tim in your opinion why doesn't McLaren's keep their same value as say Ferrari's do?

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  • Hi shmeee Im guys, cheeerrrrrrssssssss

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  • 0:18 I obtain 195 every day by having this right here *f u n d a i l y p a y*

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  • Incredible

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  • Actually if you would race them (the P1) I am not sure they could keep you behind?!

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  • I think I saw the guy at the start of this in footage from the steps of the Capitol the other day. Oh no, it's just a misguided titfer on our usually sartorially-sorted host. Don't do it again. Also, well done Bentley, you nailed that Kia rear end at the second attempt.

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  • Have you cancelled the GT500?

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  • I heard you guys the other night. Symphony to my ears!

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  • I like how the owner of the 720S put the UAE flag on the car!

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  • Mclaren's are the best supercars.

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  • Old school content we all love - more youtubers need to do it

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  • 15:32 get that man a toilet roll

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  • Dubai is money!

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  • 7:30 thanks for switching on the cabin lights and yea middle east and Asia love dark windows tinted 😂

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  • Tim, your enthusiasm is quite contagious. I've never been in any of these cars, yet I'm nearly as content!

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  • Hey Shmee Gerry from South Africa big thumbs up for great video's. A quick question though. I'm thinking of getting between 2 car. Ferrari 458 or 488. i like quick throttle response. But I'm not sure which one. reliable and coupe or spider.. If you can help much appreciate. if you on telegram Gerry Roets. Thanks bud

    Cdn. Gerry RoetsCdn. Gerry RoetsAcum lună
  • Amazing tim best video yet ! Love to see something this epic in the UK 🇬🇧

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  • Would you consider selling your 675LT and buying a 765LT? I don't imagine you would consider having both @Shmee150

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  • you should really meet up with Damon from DDE. and you should totatlly drive his 720S, it's crazy.

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  • Sports car driving in the middle east must be very boring No bends, no mountain road, no forest road covered with trees, just a huge straight road is absolutely boring🤷🏻‍♂️😐

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  • So,whats the top speed of that Ryft 720s?

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  • #Shquad

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  • Cannards=pedestrian shredders. Why the. F are these legal??

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  • 5:30 But guys, don't let that distract you from the fact that Mister Shelby is still yet to stand by his word and deliver an issue-free rerun of the SSC Frauduatara and that purchasing any of their cars is direct support of a scammer and lying cheat. Let's not forget that, since those kinda people seem to rely on the masses forgetting bad press all too quickly nowadays.

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  • I wanna see the new Gt3 in your collection ;)

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  • With those tints on the 720 it looks so good. Tim should also get tints on his cars as well

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  • Two P1s? Comments section only about the hat.

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  • Sorry but why are you wearing that hat , RUN FOREST RUN

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  • This Cap looks dope. Fits you perfectly!

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  • Thanks For Sharing Shmee!! What A Vibe!! I'm REALLY Inspired By Your Videos Brother!!

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  • Dubai has become a ROworld/Instagram bee hive. Hope your having a good time

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  • shmee you need to buy a p1 for sure man. They are just so good looking and badass.

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  • Hello it's good to get to see all theses cars

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  • Tim’s 720s was insane. 900 hp?!? Must be a legit rocket.

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