COAST TO COAST! I Bought My Shelby GT500 for THIS Adventure Across the US

19 mar. 2021
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Miami to Los Angeles, an epic 5,500 mile journey in my Shelby GT500 across the United States! From driving on the beach to the mountain summits, drag races to top speed runs, and meeting people along the way from Richard Rawlings at Gas Monkey Garage to TheStradman!
It's a journey of epic proportions as we zigzag across the whole of the US, kicking off in Miami after collecting my Shelby GT500 and having the SunTek Reaction PPF installed ahead of the big drive. The route takes us up towards Atlanta before turning West through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and into Texas for stops in Houston and Dallas. Next we're following a path up through Oklahoma into Kansas and then across to Denver, through to Salt Lake City, and finally via Las Vegas on the way to the Pacific Coast.
The GT500 has the most momentous of outings; having started with new mileage, to driving on Daytona Beach, going to the top of Pikes Peak, hitting the speed limiter at 183mph on the dry lake bed in Utah, running on the dyno at Hennessey as well as some drag races, and so much more as we destroyed some tires along the way.
Along the way, we met up with so many awesome people and familiar social media names like Ed at VINwiki, Richard Rawlings at Gas Monkey Garage, Steve's POV, Tyler from Hoovie's Garage, Kyle at Out of Spec Reviews, Aaron from Life of Palos, James TheStradman, Burlacher, and more. Plus there's even more to come!
The journey itself has given us many memories that did not feature in full videos on the channel, but here's an opportunity to come behind the scenes for the full adventure as we travel for a month across this hugely diverse country.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:42 Miami, FL
02:21 Palm Beach, FL
03:10 Daytona Beach, FL
04:20 Jacksonville, FL
06:36 Atlanta, GA
09:26 Huntsville, AL
14:32 Jackson, MS
14:40 Ruston, LA
17:39 Houston, TX
22:50 Dallas, TX
30:12 Wichita, KS
34:26 Denver, CO
37:17 Colorado Springs, CO
42:01 Salt Lake City, UT
49:48 Las Vegas, NV
53:40 Los Angeles, CA
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  • What was your favourite moment of this incredible adventure? The Where's Shmee: US Edition tour has provided so many memories that will never be forgotten, thank you for joining me! We're doing 20% off the US-themed items in the Cheers store today too:

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    • Manny collection is awesome, and also where you drove the la Ferrari triple f maybe those two collection are some of the best in the world alo you need to get a shmee 150 usa garage. One in London and one some where in the usa. It would be epic. American cars here and european over in London

      Rooster 0199Rooster 0199Acum 25 Zile
    • You Shmee, that's the favorite moment. American is absolutely beautiful from coast to coast. The people are amazing and you did fantastic documenting this trip. I have had the privilege to live here in Georgia my home, but also Tennessee, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and California. I've really grown to love your content and thank you for sharing! Cheers!

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  • Fantastic Schmee. I am a Ford sales consultant in Cape Town South Africa and have sold Mustang 500GT's. Beautiful machine. This video gave me goose bumps. With the camera position, could not see much of the track, more dash display, so I could not properly see the power slide through the bend.

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  • Why not collab with goonzquad?

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