Does the RAM TRX 702bhp SUPERTRUCK Live up to the Hype?

14 mar. 2021
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There are trucks, and then there's the new RAM 1500 TRX! With the engine from the Hellcat, it's a super truck with 702bhp and seriously aggressive looks that won't let anything get in the way. Let's check it out and go for a drive to see whether the T-Rex meets the hype.
Somehow managing still to do the 0-60mph spring in just 4.5 seconds, this is no ordinary pickup truck. The engine is the 6.2l supercharged unit found in Dodge's Charger and Challenger Hellcat models that also recently found its way into the Durango, and now the RAM TRX, boasting 702bhp and a top speed with 35" off-road tyres rated to 118mph, as well as a 12.9s 1/4 mile time.
Heading out into the mountains from Denver, Colorado, let's take a full look around the exterior and interior of the car before getting on the roads. With some light dirt tracks and snow at our disposal, it's compulsory to give the Baja mode a go along the way while taking in the characteristics of this beast.
Thanks to Kyle and the team at Out Of Spec Reviews for setting up my drive in the RAM TRX and a great day out in Denver!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:43 Walkaround
04:46 First Drive
10:33 Baja Mode
14:54 Interior
19:03 Wrap Up
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  • he keeps calling it a car lmao

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  • Europeans talk shit about pickup trucks. Then they take one on a dirt road and end up smiling ear to ear.

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  • For some reason many europeans enjoy driving cars or trucks with big V8s. A friend of mine from Spain, came to my ranch and was very impressed and happy driving my old ram 2500. He was smiling and laughing all the time behind the wheel drifting on muddy roads and even towing a small trailer.

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  • Easter eggs aka quirks and features.

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  • a tune and some nice mods and youre pushing 900hp safely LOL

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  • Your driving position is proper race car, close to the wheel, hands at 10+2, elbows bent... however proper driving position in America especially when driving a pickup is set seat back, one hand on the wheel (where is your decision) leaning with other arm on the center console or door... you need the American Lean.

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  • You have to be in 4 Low with Axle lock to go into Rock mode

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  • My TRX was built yesterday, (207 days from order to built!) now the wait for shipping

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    • At that altitude there’s no issues with higher octane fuels by running electric!

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    • Not in a truck like this with a high centre of gravity. They have low limiters.

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