STEVE AOKI's Lamborghini Aventador SV Makes for a CRAZY Ride!

27 mar. 2021
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Checking out Steve Aoki's Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster with Houston from @Royalty Exotic Cars and believe me it's insane! Not only that though, but there's some big news about the family flooded Bugatti Veyron and what Houston's up to with it...
It wouldn't be a trip to Las Vegas without stopping by to visit Houston and the team at Royalty Exotic Cars, where we've filmed a number of videos together in the past. This time around though, waiting out front is one of the 500 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadsters, but not just any SV as this belongs to famous DJ, Steve Aoki, a friend of Houston. It's also completely bespoke with the brand new Ryft titanium exhaust system fitted, as well as a unique set of wheels with Steve Aoki written into them too.
After a quick catch up, we're straight out onto the road to hear just how wild this car is, and believe me it's pretty crazy. But then, hopping into the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a quick visit to see something rather extraordinary.... Houston now owns the famous Bugatti Veyron that drove into a lake a decade or so ago as part of a big insurance fraud that was uncovered by the coincidence of someone in another car video recording what happened.
But this is where it gets interesting, the car has had a complete ground up rebuild to bring it back to life, a huge and very exciting rebuild project, all of which is to be revealed soon, and I for one cannot wait for it!
Check out more from Houston and Royalty Exotic Cars here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:47 With Houston
01:24 SV Walkaround
04:53 Crazy Ride
09:20 Sound Check
10:21 With Mondi
13:31 Cullinan
14:36 Bugatti News!
17:49 Wrap Up
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  • It's always fun to stop by Royalty Exotic Cars in Las Vegas and catch up with Houston! It's already been a year since the Bugatti Veyron airport run and this time out we've got a very special Lambo to check out, as well as some news on his latest Bugatti acquisition and what's happening with that...

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    • Been seeing a lot of striking “panda” cars recently. Can’t go wrong throwing black wheels/roof/trim on a white sports car.

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    • Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got to ride in Steve Aokis Aventador SV and I think it's incredible that Hoston has the scuba bug and is an entire rebuild

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    • tks for this. Houston is ok, but only in small doses for me.

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    • Shmee, you giggling like that made my day hahaa!...Keep up the good work!

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  • #Shquad

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  • Wow i love the car

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  • "Crazy long X pipe....all the technical stuff is boring" lmao no it's notttt. I always wish there was more info about how an exhaust sounds the way it does, what different technical changes do, how you get higher pitch exhaust, or more low down torque, or better ackerman angle. It's not anything super technical and I'm glad shmee said it wasn't boring, but in car videos I actually get jazzed about stuff like that. If it was a 2 hour presentation yeah, that might drag a bit haha but details are awesome, keep em comin, especially for aftermarket stuff : ) Great video though, love lamborghinis in white

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  • Love Lamborghini

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  • Love Lamborghini

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  • You know it’s good when Shmee giggles like a Lil kid!

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  • SV are old hat now. Lambos are everywhere and still look cool, but I have to Say they do look a bit tacky and over the top, look at me type of car. I’d take an f12 TDF over one any day of the week

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  • I thought i was the only 1 who prefers the SV over the SVJ. SVJ is very busy on the exterior, to much aero for a street car! The Aventador platform provides fantastic grip and stability up to speed. Rear wheel steer and a goofy body kit was not needed!

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  • See’s “STEVE AOKI” in title, gets excited that Steve and Shmee are about to do a vid but then “Mr Bugatti” himself jackass Houston shows up 😑😑 quite unfortunate.

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  • I just wish I could drive a Lamborghini

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  • How many people paused the video to look at the Bugatti in the reflection of tims glasses?

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  • Can’t wait to get back to Vegas!!!!

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  • 3:17 yeah ill start it and you can sear what??

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  • The cameo by Mondi was both unexpected and AWESOME @ the same time🤔👍🏻👍🏻.

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  • lets listen to the exhaust not you stupid girl laugh

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  • He’s abusing it with the lag before shifting I think 😂

  • Wait this was the idiot that crashed the Bugatti on porpoises 🤦🏾‍♂️

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  • Funny you should say that :)

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  • gintani is better I think

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  • i think the SV looks better than the SVJ but why would all wheel steering be a bad thing, its awesome

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  • Link to that video where he drove off fast forgetting about the speed bump please ?

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  • I love this fucking car

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  • Wonder would that bug be a AWD or RWD 🤣

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  • My favorite car

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  • Great to see you Tim ! It's always a pleasure

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  • Definitely sounds absolutely mental! I'm sure its only better in person.

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  • I'd like to see a comparison of the ryft exhaust and the brilliant exhaust

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  • It is nice to see you laughing the whole time.

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  • Holy Houston is speaking big facts!!

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  • The raw feeling of the SV is incredible and is the Lambo I would get...One day.

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  • 17:09 a glims of the scoobabug

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  • Shmee I think you need to stop saying the words - ( SILLY + RIDICULOUS ) so much, it makes the conversation with the owners of the cars so awkward and cringey to watch. Still loving the videos, stay safe and all the best Tim.

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  • OMG...Supercars at the Strip mall...what a world!

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  • So much noise for such little speed

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  • "I call it Scubugatti." Houston

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  • Will always be my favorite car!

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  • It’s sounds like the lambo’s are trying to communicate from a distance. Like animals lol. Lambo call

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  • We can kinda see it in the glasses reflection 😁

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  • I can't wait to see the Bugatti black n purple I heard about this months ago 💜gonna b the sickest car on the road

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  • Living the life enjoy. Supercars are so popular there you guy's are so lucky ✌

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  • Jongens! De Nederlandse youtubers van Twins. tv hebben een afgebrande Lamborghini gekocht. Zij gaan deze repareren. Gaat het ze lukken?

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  • I can just see a glimpse of that bugatti in your mirrored sunglasses. I can't wait to see it properly. The ultimate car imo. Thanks Great video as always shmee

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  • Highest pitch exhaust? Secret Weapon are laughing right now...

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  • Oh man Shmee this is the most hated guy on the internet it's a shame to see you there

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  • Tim looks horrified with Houston's driving look at the mad man go I'll film out here

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  • Does Huston own Ryft?

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  • I don't like how he says " I took it a part " like yeah we know you didn't

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  • Steve Aoki's Lamborghini sDJ

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  • Sorry auto correct won’t let Shmee spell his name, sorry

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  • Very enjoyable presentation. You missed the ultimate promotional video for both of you! Concept story: Scheme walks into Royalty exotics and wants to rent a car, no one recognizes him, and with his UK license and non applicable insurance insurance he can’t rent a car!

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  • Shmee: How many Lambos do you have on your fleet now? Rich guy: 25 or 30, idk. We just got 12 new Evos. Damn rich people problem lost count on Lambos 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Lamborghini sound just make me smile I dont know to explain but happens everytime when i hear. I love the sound of other cars, but the lamborghini makes me smile

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  • Tim enough of all these wannabe exhaust systems you need to get the LFA bro The LFA sound is unmatched i do not care what anyone says LFA needs to be in amongst the shmeemobiles asap !!!

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  • Houston selling his 918 after 3 months! Says a lot about him as a person and a car enthusiast. Great video as usual though Tim 👍👌

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  • That sound. That feeling must be amazing. As I always say; an orgasmic exhaust sound.

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  • I prefer Aventador S then Aventador SV because they improved the Gearbox and clutch on the S.

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  • Is it just me, or the Aventador has the most unique v12 sound? I dun recall any v12s that sound this brutal, almost all the v12s out there sounded like a f1. Apart from aston that has the titanium sound

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  • tbh the sv is better in my opinion than an svj like just look at barnee750

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