The Acura NSX is the UNDER APPRECIATED Daily Supercar! Will it be Forgotten?

18 mar. 2021
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The Acura NSX, or Honda NSX outside of the USA, is undoubtedly a seriously under-appreciated supercar. It launched with hybrid tech normally reserved for hypercars so I'm at Vegas Auto Gallery, to take it for a drive!
When I first drove the new generation NSX a number of years back, I was immediately impressed by the clever technology and how it integrated driving settings and the EV mode flawlessly, in a very easy to use car. From the layout of the interior, to the small packaging, and even the hugely variable exhaust note all in the case of the perfect daily supercar. This technology at the price point really set the way for new cars we're seeing coming through now like the McLaren Artura.
The NSX is powered by a 3.5l twin turbo V6 with 3 electric motors for a total power output of 581hp, however the additional motors and battery technology does bring about a weight penalty compared to rivals. What it does though is take a totally new approach to everything and result in a vehicle that stands out, looks fantastic, and is certainly very intriguing.
Values have softened since launch, but still hold relatively high compared to cars like R8s or McLaren Sports Series models for example, and I firmly believe it's going to be an interesting car for the future as really one of the first pioneers of this technology.
Thank you to Vegas Auto Gallery for lining up the test drive in their Acura NSX! No doubt this car won't be hanging around for long:
Thanks for watching, Tim
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01:12 Walkaround
04:19 Test Drive
07:12 Red Rock Canyon
09:41 Returning
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