VISITING HOOVIE'S GARAGE! Hooptie Fleet Tour, Ferrari for CarTrek and Mustang Drive Out

10 mar. 2021
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There's a lot going on at Hoovie's Garage! The next stop on the tour brings me to visit Tyler and his eclectic selection of Hoopties. Let's check out some of the cars including his Lamborghinis, the Ferrari 456 for the latest series of CarTrek, and then head out in his Mustang.
Having departed from Texas to head North, we've traveled through Oklahoma and into Kansas on the Where's Shmee: US Edution tour, to come and visit Hoovie's Garage. With a constantly changing fleet of Hoopties, Tyler's collection of cars is certainly eccentric and unusual, in many cases with a lot of work to be done!
Outside the garage sit two of the Lamborghinis; the Murcielago Roadster and Countach, while the Diablo is having some work done, as well as the 60s Mustang. Inside a number of Hoopties sit on the Bendpak triple lift, as well as more unusual cars lined up around the back. Let's check out the cars in the garage with Tyler, including his Ferrari 456 for the latest series of CarTrek before going out for a run in the Mustang!
If you're not already following Tyler, you can find his channels here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:25 Walkaround with Hoovie
01:40 Cars on lift
06:54 CarTrek 456
08:22 Outside cars
10:35 Mustangs and Lambos
13:25 Drive Out
16:35 Wrap Up
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  • Finally visiting "the dumbest automotive channel in all of ROworld"! Tyler shows us around some of the Hoopties including the Ferrari he's bought for CarTrek and a run out in his Mustang.

    Shmee150Shmee150Acum lună
    • Please change the thumbnail , Mustang Shelby is dear to my heart and the other guy in the thumbnail is placing his foot on the car , which is quite disrespectful . Treat all cars , people and things with respect. Don't spread hate spread love.😁

      Ebin DavisEbin DavisAcum lună
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    • Bro Japan and UAE are both in Asia

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    • @Renzong Calvin Lepcha that would be EPIC! Under the beautiful Sun of Utah 🔥 🔥 🔥

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  • Hooves garage guy makes cool videos but he's a weird dude. Don't know his name

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  • Leave it to Tyler to say Jean Claude Van Dam farted in the seat. His cronic flatulence is well known through out all of Kansas!!! 🙄

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  • That Countach is so sick

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  • I like hoovie

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  • Ur voice goes through me

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  • Never understood why all these youtube car enthousiasts live in Kansas.

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  • He's got Prius power steering in the Mustang... Yeah, he's not very strong :))

    Auxentiu LucaAuxentiu LucaAcum lună
  • This reminds me of going to a new friends house as a child and they show you all their cool toys.

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  • This must have been some time ago. I thought Hoovie recently had a Prius steering rack put in his Mustang

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  • Shmee’s dead on mental math at 4:43 on the spot is mind blowing! 92.5%!

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  • shmee hasn't seen an idiot light before!?

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  • Hoovie has a nice growler... I mean Prowler...

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  • Yeah that guy Hoovie is a hoot!

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  • How long ago was this filmed? That mustang has power steering now

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  • I thought hoovie got power steering fitted?

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  • FYI Dubai and Japan are in the same continent

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  • It sure would be nice if his White XJ was still in the fleet, it was my favourite one.

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  • Did hoovie give his neighbor the finger at 3:50? lol

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  • Doug’s video making fun of badging hurt hoovie’s feelings lol

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  • Love your video's, but my favorite part is the dog in the window. lol Now I know why Hoovie rarely films in the driveway.

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  • Mustang should of had electronic power steering by March

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  • Hyperformance Garage in Apex, NC did my Porsche 911 IMS bearing for a good price

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  • MK2 GP4 2.1 is more a car .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • doesn't the mustang have prius steering now?

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  • Tyler is such a good person!

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  • Ed boilian friends and family discount lol

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  • Only clicked for the thumbnail. Your car do what you will but how do I express my displeasure for seeing a mans shoe on a classic like this without sounding like an asshole?

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  • Shmee is a savant calculator!

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  • I'm actually enjoying this series of meet the US stars of cars. (At start of video) I hope you visit the Wizards shop

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  • Hooves hiding a BMW outside we haven’t seen !,

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  • I love hoodies channel. I actually just got done watching one of his videos lol

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  • Great visit. You guys are great together. Two very different car enthusiasts that both have built a channel and a collection to be proud of.

    WWAcum lună
  • Tyler's stalker at 12:28 watching him...

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  • TJ Hunt is putting an RB26 on his Fastback and I'm glad he's doing that

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  • That GT350 needs a diff upgrade.

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  • I’m sure one of his neighbours hates him just for the Cars noises 😂 But really I’d love to live across from that guy. I grew up with a friend who always had four or five cars on the go and lucky if he kept a Car a year. It just be interesting to see his Cars come and go.

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  • So happy to see this collaboration finally! ❤️ You both

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  • I'm in shock, Shmee stating he would enjoy owning an older model Mustang??? It smacks of Richard Hammond, I'll just assume he was saying it to be polite , great video.

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  • Hoovies my number 1 car show

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  • Thank you Shmee for finding time to visit one of my favorite ROworldr.

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  • 11:18 No power steering ???? I remember that Mr Wizard put in a power steering unit . Don't remember exactly if it was this car .

    Remi - Dutchman - PutRemi - Dutchman - PutAcum lună
  • Shmee could you like put in a map with the route you took marked in it... seems a bit erratic to be honest but maybe I missed something. Oh, and nice vid. Always great to see two YT you know meet!

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  • Fun stuff watching the other side of the meet-up after seeing you pop up on Tyler's channel last week. Should have dropped by JR's warehouse while you were in Wichita!

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  • Jeff goldblums cars are nice!

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  • an old car like the mustang makes you realize you don't need a 500K car to have lots of fun

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  • Japan and Dubai are both in Asia, Shmee!

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  • I never notice Hoovies DeLorean anymore.

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  • @4:50 I had to pause and confirm that 30k is *exactly* 92.5% depreciation over 400k new. WTF Tim... that is some seriously impressive mental calculating skill!

    Léon MelisLéon MelisAcum lună
    • It’s an easy mental calculation for someone versed with numbers. 30/400 is one-tenth of 3/4 as a ratio. Since 3/4 is 75%, a tenth of that is 7.5%. Deduct from 100 and you have 92.5%.

      freepieanchipsgaragefreepieanchipsgarageAcum lună
  • You should go visit Jay Leno.

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